Charles Quimby is Executive Director and Chief Instructor of Authentic Karate Training Center, which he founded in 2010.  He began studying karate at the age of twelve and currently holds the rank of Nanadan (7th degree black belt) in Okinawan Uechi-Ryu Karate.

Sensei Quimby’s passion and enthusiasm as both a practitioner and teacher were evident early in his career. In 1999 at the age of 26, he was awarded the Title of Shihan (Master Instructor) by the Okinawan Karate-Do Association – one of the youngest instructors ever awarded the title in the organization’s history.  The following year he was invited to serve as an Okikukai U.S. Examination Board Member, where he continues to play an active role.  In 2015, after nearly three decades of study, Sensei Quimby was award the title of Kyoshi (professor), by the venerated Grandmaster, Tsutomu Nakahodo, 10th degree black belt and Director of the Okikukai.

A highly decorated competitor, Sensei Quimby has competed both nationally and internationally from an early age. In November 2015 he fulfilled a childhood dream by competing in Japan’s prestigious, All-Okinawan Karate Championships, where he earned the unique distinction of being the only American to ever win first place in the tournament’s kata division.

Prior to becoming a professional martial artist, Charles worked as a consumer behavior analyst for the Neilsen Company, where he analyzed, designed and evaluated strategic-based marketing initiatives utilizing consumer panel information for some of the countries largest consumer packaged goods retailers.

Charles holds a BS in Business Administration from Northeastern University, where he was a Hoff Scholarship recipient and honors graduate.

*Sensei Quimby featured in local newspaper (Peabody Weekly News 01-14-2016)

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Kimberlie Forsberg is the Program Director at Authentic Karate Training Center and has been studying the art of Uechi-Ryu Karate since 2004.  From early in her training, Kimberlie was known for her extraordinary work ethic and natural ability to quickly absorb new concepts and techniques.  She was often found training at the dojo four to  five times per week, which helped her to quickly ascend to the level of black belt.  She currently holds the rank of Sandan, or 3rd degree black belt, within the Okinawan Karate-Do Association.

Kimberlie is also an accomplished Kobudo  practitioner, having earned her Shodan (1st  degree black belt) in the Ryukokaku system of Okinawan Weaponry, headed by the late Grandmaster  Shinyu Gushi.  In 2012, Kimberlie was the first  student ever nominated by Sensei Quimby to be awarded the Title of Shidoin, (Apprentice Instructor) in recognition of her development as both an instructor and a leading Uechi-Ryu practitioner.  In addition to being an Instructor, Kimberlie also serves on both the Examination Test Board for Authentic Karate Training Center and its Curriculum Development Committee.

Kimberlie is a graduate of Northeastern University where she earned a BS in Industrial Engineering.    Authentic Karate Training Center    Authentic Karate Training Center

Melissa Palladino has been training in Uechi-Ryu karate since January 2006, and attained the rank of Sandan (3rd degree  black belt) in November of 2016. She was honored to receive the title of Shidoin (Apprentice Instructor) from Sensei Quimby in 2015 for her exceptional achievements in Okinawan Karate, after assisting for 2.5 years in the adult program.  As a sempai and instructor for the adult beginners/intermediate class,  Melissa has excellent rapport with the students, and uses multiple  teaching  modalities to help teach the finer  points  of a lesson. As a practitioner, Melissa is both adventuresome and scholarly–attending outside camps, seminars and trainings to her practice.  These include Feeding Crane kung fu, kobudo (traditional Okinawan weapons),  Modern Arnis, and training to  officiate  karate tournaments. Additionally, Melissa has trained in Gracie Jiu Jitsu since 2014 and is working toward her blue belt.  On (and off)  the mat,  she is dedicated and intense, and  puts long  hours into her martial arts in order to excel.

When she’s not wearing her gi, Melissa works full-time at Eliza Corporation in Beverly MA as Manager of Health Engagement Solution Design and Architecture. She lives with her family in Rockport, MA.