Summer Club – Update

Summer Club is only 6 weeks away!


Good afternoon Families,

We are finalizing our registration for the July session of Summer Club and we have a couple spots left. We wanted to be sure everyone had a chance to register before school is out and summer is in full swing.

The first session of our week long Summer Club is July 18-22 and the second session is August 15-19. Each session runs from 9am – 1pm with extended care until 2pm.

If you would like to register please let us know as soon as possible as we are nailing down some final details. We can’t wait for this summer; it’s going to be a great one here at the dojo!


The Authentic Karate Training Center Staff

5/21 8a-noon Open House Tent Event

Looking to learn about the amazing benefits of martial arts training for you or your child?
Visit our OPEN HOUSE Tent Event on 5/21 from 8 am – noon at the Kennedy Fields at 83 Pine Street, West Peabody. We will be teaching the kids karate basics- kicks and blocks, as well as using the agility ladder and obstacle course for speed and balance practice. Watch your loved ones have fun while learning control, self-discipline and respect. Plus… we’re giving away tons of cool prizes that kids just love. We hope to see you there!


May 2016 Belt Test

Two belt exams in two days and 14 new belt recipients! Congratulations everyone, you certainly all worked hard and earned your new ranks. Enjoy the weekend, and we will get back to training on Monday! OSU!!!

AdvancedChildrenPeabodyKarate ChildrenKarateAuthenticPeabodyMA GirlKarateAuthenticKaratePeabody AuthenticKaratePerseveranceKidsBeltTest ChildrenKarateGroupAuthenticPeabodyMA AdvancedChildrenAuthenticPeabodyKarate BeginnerKarateGroupAuthenticPeabodyMA AdvancedChildrenGroupAuthenticPeabodyKarate


Calling all moms!

May 9, 2016 – We had a great time on Friday and Saturday at the dojo! Thank you to all the moms that came to the dojo to support your child by joining class! We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! …Father’s, you’re next!

Teen Karate Classes Children Karate Classes Kids Karate Classes Kindergarten Karate Kids Karate

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re inviting all of the awesome moms here at the dojo to join us this weekend a fun filled karate class with your kid(s). We’ll be doing loads of cool drills and exercises that are perfect for parents and we know you’re child would love to see you in action. Please join us and make a great memory with your son or daughter – you’ll have a really good workout and loads of laughs too. We hope to see you there!

Who: Moms and their karate kid(s)
Dragons: Ages 5-6, Saturday 8:30 am – 9:00 am
Beginners: White, Yellow and Orange belts, Saturday 9:00 am – 9:50 am
Intermediate: Blue, Purple and Green belts, Saturday 10:00 am – 10:50 am
Advanced: Red, Adv. Red, Brown, Adv. Brown, Jr. Black belts, Friday 5:00 pm – 5:50 pm

Biggest Karate Fun Night

What a great group of students and friends we had on Saturday night for our biggest Karate Fun Night ever! Thank you everyone for coming down and joining us a night filled with fun, games, a movie, pizza and popcorn!

kidskaratefunnightauthentickarate kidskaratefunnightpeabodyma biggestkidskaratefunnight


Assistant Instructor – Bryan Muse

Congratulations to Sempai Bryan Muse, who formally began his Assistant Instructor Training Program last night. Mr. Muse will be serving as the formal class sempai each Thursday evening alongside Sensei Quimby where he will be assisting in our Adult Beginner class each week. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication sempai – we’re excited to have you as part of the team!



Karate Fun Night – 4/30/2016 – 5-9p

We just scheduled our next “KARATE FUN NIGHT” which will take place here at the dojo on Saturday, April 30th from 5:00 – 9:00 pm.

Karate Fun Night (a.k.a.: parent’s night out) is a night for the kids here at the dojo where they can get together with their buddies and have some good old fashion fun. We’ll be “kick-en” it up with loads of great karate action, fun contests, games, eating pizza, and then watching a cool animated movie out on the mat. Space is limited, so if you’re interested, please sign-up at the dojo, or email us and we’d be happy to put your name on the list.

WHEN: Saturday, April 30th from 5:00 – 9:00pm
WHO: Any student, friend or sibling
DRESS: Comfortable Clothing
COST: $25/person OR FREE with a friend

Kids Belt Testing

April 2016 Kids Belt Testing
We’re so proud of all the students that participated in our April Belt Grading. Your hard work and perseverance were truly inspiring. Keep up the outstanding effort and congratulations once again.
BeltTestingatAuthenticKarate ChipQuimby2016 KarateKidsBeltTestingPeabodyMA KidsBeltTestingAuthenticKarateTrainingCenterPeabody KidsBeltTestingPeabody NewestGreenBeltAuthenticKarate2016 YellowBeltsatAuthenticKaratePeabody GroupKidsBeltTesting2016Peabody

April 2016 Adult Belt Testing

Congratulations to all of our adult and teen students who tested and were promoted at our recent belt grading this past night. Your hard work and dedication preparing for this exam was clearly evident in your performance. Thank you for putting so much into your training. Omedeto gozaimasu!

AdultBeltTestingApr2016 AdultBeltTestingatAKTC ChipQuimbyandAdultStudents JohnConroyAdultBeltTesting SparringAdultKaratePeabody

PamJonesatAuthenticKarateTrainingCenter TeensBeltTestingatAuthenticKaratePeabody SparringAdultKarate WomanKarateAuthenticKarateTrainingCenter GroupAdultBeltTestingAuthenticKarateTrainingCenterPeabody