Shodan – Authentic Karate

When I started the Shiseikan nearly nine years ago, I made a conscious decision that as a school, we would strive to represent a new standard in Okinawan Uechi-ryu Karate here in America. An organization that inspired excellence shrouded in humility; that put as much emphasis on personal character as it does the technical acumen of its students. It’s never been an easy road, nor has it been a popular path that many have chosen to walk. But for those who have decided to take this less traveled path, I’m grateful for their dedication and loyalty, and to their belief that personal excellence is forged through adversity and consistent hard training. This weekend, Dori Sigfusson became the 10th individual to earn his shodan at the Shiseikan, continuing our tradition, and helping to preserve the way for those who are sure to follow. Congratulations sir and thank you for always believing.