Children’s Karate Program: Ages 7-12


Our Children’s Karate Program caters to children ages 7 – 12 and is designed to help your child UNLOCK their FULL potential. Our goal is to help mold your child into a LEADER and emphasize the qualities that bring out the BEST in his or her personality. Karate Classes 

Using innovative teaching methods and just the right amount of fun, our curriculum is designed to EMPOWER your child with the necessary LIFE skills and PHYSICAL attributes that will help prepare them to confidently tackle life’s challenges – both now and in the years to come.

With over twenty years of experience working with children, our age-appropriate curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that children not only learn quickly, but also RETAIN the important themes behind what they have learned. Children enjoy taking pride in developing themselves as individuals, both physically and mentally.


Our youth karate and martial arts classes for kids specifically works on gross, fine and complex motor skills that compliment this stage of development through drills, exercises and games. It is our belief that this age group needs physical activity to build strength, coordination, and to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle down the road. Our classes are taught in a safe, structured and fun learning environment – which often makes karate class the highlight of a student’s day!

Youth Karate Class Lynnfield, MA

Children’s Karate Program in Peabody at Authentic Karate Training Center

Once enrolled in our Children’s Karate Program, you can immediately expect your child to begin learning about the importance of possessing a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Students are taught to embrace adversity and see life’s challenges as something that can be not only POSITIVE, but presents them with a unique opportunity to grow.


FOCUS: Your child will learn how to focus, concentrate and LISTEN. They will also develop an appreciation for how a strong mind can be their greatest tool.

RESPECT: They’ll be taught that true respect begins with self respect and that to be a respectful person, one must practice respectful habits.

SELF CONFIDENCE: Your child will develop a heighted sense of self confidence that will not only give them the courage to try new things and overcome fears, but also provide them the strength to say “NO” to unhealthy peer pressure and dangerous situations.

SELF DEFENSE & CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Your child will learn non-violent conflict resolution methods along with common sense self defense strategies like how to avoid dangerous situations and how to recognize and avoid child lures. However, in the rare instance that they need to defend themselves, our curriculum teaches practical and effective self defense techniques that will allow your child to effectively deal with physical situations.

Philosophically, our school believes that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and as such, our goal is to develop the leader within your child and help them to lead a happier, healthier, more productive life. Our program also recognizes that children today face a myriad of challenges – often tough challenges – and martial arts training CAN AND WILL provide them the advantage to get a healthy head start and exposure to the skills and tools necessary to be successful, not at just karate, but in school, at home and in life.


Your child – at ease, relaxed and confident – making new friends easily – tackling challenges with confidence and excitement – eager, excited and optimistic – ready to experience all that life has to offer.

This is our GOAL for your child!

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