Jr. Black Belt











As part of the Junior Black Belt testing process, each candidate is responsible for a themed-based presentation. For this assignment, they must complete a one-page essay on one of the following topics:

  • What Black Belt Means to Me
  • My Journey to Black Belt
  • The Role of Karate in My Life

This essay will then be mounted on poster board along with other photos, drawings, and cutouts that will describe in pictures what the essay says in words. At the test, each candidate will read their essay and present his or her chosen “theme” to their teachers, testing peers and family. This aspect of the test is designed to help candidates reflect on the tremendous time and effort that they have put into earning their Junior Black Belt, along with a special keepsake that will last a lifetime!

The essays below were written by previous test candidates and presented at their exam.

*Click images below to see our Jr. Black Belt student’s essays