Shodan – Authentic Karate

When I started the Shiseikan nearly nine years ago, I made a conscious decision that as a school, we would strive to represent a new standard in Okinawan Uechi-ryu Karate here in America. An organization that inspired excellence shrouded in humility; that put as much emphasis on personal character as it does the technical acumen of its students. It’s never been an easy road, nor has it been a popular path that many have chosen to walk. But for those who have decided to take this less traveled path, I’m grateful for their dedication and loyalty, and to their belief that personal excellence is forged through adversity and consistent hard training. This weekend, Dori Sigfusson became the 10th individual to earn his shodan at the Shiseikan, continuing our tradition, and helping to preserve the way for those who are sure to follow. Congratulations sir and thank you for always believing.

November Belt Grading – all levels

We’re very proud of the students who participated in the dojo’s November Belt Grading. Earning something is not the quickest path to success, but it surely makes for the richest experience. Congratulations to everyone who gave it their best.

Message from sensei Quimby – 2018 World Okinawan Tournament

Dear Karate Family,

Alas the 2018 World Okinawan Tournament has finally come to an end, although the excitement surrounding it clearly lingers. It was an extraordinary experience by any measure, and a supreme privilege and honor to represent you all. I’m filled with a profound sense of gratitude knowing how many extraordinary human beings walk alongside me to help teach and guide me in this beautiful art.

The tournament’s conclusion was as exciting as its beginning. In the end, I earned second place in the final match against my Uechi-ryu brother from Russia. It was a split decision, 4 to 3, which helped make for a highly climactic finish. There is no doubt that the level of competition here motivated me to strive for personal excellence, however I know that throughout this tournament, the true opponent was myself, and in facing him, I feel I have no regrets.

Thank you all for your support and loyalty to our dojo. I’m honored to walk the path with you.

Masakatsu Agatsu…

Best regards,

Chip Quimby

Celebrating our Dads at Karate

Thanks to all the amazing Dad’s for joining us in class this weekend. It’s always a blast seeing you out there with the kids, having fun and working hard. Great job guys…have a wonderful FATHERS DAY!

Celebrating our Moms at Karate

Thank you all the amazing moms, aunts, grandmothers, step-moms, and special women who came down and trained with us this past weekend in honor of Mother’s Day. We had a super fun time and loved making some special memories with you. We hope you had a great Mother’s Day!


Advanced Belt Test – March

A small but well deserving group of advanced students qualified for our March Belt Exam. Congratulations to each of the candidates and strong performance. We know it wasn’t easy, but that’s not how you made it look. Continue your climb gentlemen. Omedeto gozaimasu!


January Children Belt Grading

Congratulations to all the students who attended our beginner and intermediate belt testing this past Saturday. Many of you were taking your very first test as karate students and truly did a wonderful job. Keep up the great work guys!