Newest Junior Black Belt – Congratulations to Amanda Martin

Authentic Karate Training Center has a new Black Belt!

Congratulations to the newest Junior Black Belt of the Shiseikan – Miss Amanda Martin. We couldn’t be more PROUD of you Amanda, and all that you have accomplished. Thank you for your extraordinary perseverance and tireless dedication karate-do. You truly are an amazing young women! Congratulations on earning your black belt.


To see all the great pictures captured during Amanda’s test, please see the link here.



Last Belt Exam of 2016!

Congratulations to the beginner and intermediate students who successfully graded this weekend and we’re promoted to their newest belt. You all demonstrated great progress and spirit during the exam and we’re so proud of all that you’ve achieved. Congratulations on your much-deserved promotion.

Check out our Winter Newsletter!


Dear students and families,

We’re happy to present our dojo Winter Newsletter! In this issue you’ll find a recap of some of the most memorable events of this past fall as well as information on upcoming events, parties and news. Please follow the link below to access it at your convenience.

We hope you enjoy the fourth edition of the Shiseikan Karate Dojo Newsletter! We’re looking forward to an extraordinary winter here at the dojol!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we will see you back at the dojo on the new schedule starting Monday!


The Authentic Karate Training Center Staff

November Kids Belt Test

Congratulations to our November test candidates on their impressive achievement this weekend. Your determination and commitment throughout the exam were unshakable! Our dojo is so proud to have students of such genuine character. Congratulations on all that you have earned!
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Sanchin Kata – performed by 7-Year-Old Student

Sanchin Kata – Kids Karate at Authentic Karate Training Center

A serious student is never too young to start leaning to synthesize the concepts of Shin-Gi-Tai. During Sanchin kata, while exercising consciousness and presence, every karate-ka is presented with a puzzle. Attempting to solve this puzzle, despite the difficulty, offers the karate-ka an extraordinary opportunity to grow – physically, mentally and spiritually.

October Belt Testing – Adults and Kids

It was a BIG weekend for testing here at AKTC. Many of our students tested for their next rank and made an excellent showing. Their hard work and preparation clearly apparent throughout the exam. Congratulations to everyone who participated – you should all be very proud of yourselves for doing something so special!

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Sensei Quimby- an honorary member of ASAI

Yokota Sensei, the founder of the Asai Shotokan Association International organization, asked Sensei Quimby to be an honorary member of ASAI! The two practitioners met in London this past weekend at KNX16! Check out Sensei Quimby’s article about KNX to learn more about Yokota Sensei’s impressive karate background!!

Sensei Chip Quimby Authentic Karate Training Center Peabody MA

ASAI World announcement:

We are happy and proud to announce that we have our first member who is a Uechi ryu expert. The new member is Sensei Chip Quimby who is the chief instructor of Authentic Karate Training Center located in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA.

Sensei Quimby participated in the KNX16 event held in London last month where he met our Chief Instructor, Shihan Yokota. They got to know each other and Shihan Yokota was impressed with the open mind and dedication of Sensei Quimby. Shihan Yokota invited him to be an honorary member of ASAI and Sensei Quimby accepted it.

Please join us welcoming Sensei Quimby to our karate family.

Shihan Yokota wants our members to learn about Uechi ryu so he will post an introduction essay of Uechi ryu today on his FB page very soon.

ASAI Executive Board