Karate Nerd Experience London 2016

We had a very special day today studying with Shihan Kousaku Yokota who taught some of the core principals of Asai ryu Budo Karate. Being one of only few direct students of Tetsuhiko Asai, he taught some incredible exercises for balance, mobility & flexibility, along with some very interesting, soft open-handed whipping techniques from White Crane. He also gave an insightful lecture on the modernization of karate in Japan during the 20th century, along with a great Q & A. We finished the day attending a presentation on increasing peak performance for athletes and coaches by a doctoral candidate finishing her PhD in Sports Psychology. Talk about a day packed with great information. I’ll sleep well tonight!!!

Summer Camp at Authentic Karate

Here's a collection of our pictures from Summer Club here at the dojo! Every year we have such a great time for a whole week in July and a week in August and we're thrilled to share this year's Summer Club with Miho Sensei, who is teaching the kids all about Japan and Japanese culture. We hope everyone is having a great summer!!

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Father’s Day Class

Happy Father’s Day to all the karate dads, uncles and grandfathers! We were thrilled to have so many father figures join classes. The kids LOVED it and we had a blast. Thank you so much and have a WONDERFUL Father’s Day Weekend everybody!!!

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Special guest this year at Summer Club – Miho Takahashi

Only 6 weeks until Miho is here for Summer Club!!!

We have only five spots left for each summer session so please be sure to save your spot if you’re looking for an activity to fill their summer with fun, learning and exercise! Here’s some pictures of Miho and the games she plays with her Japanese students.

It’s going to be a really special experience for our students this July and August during Summer Club. We hope your child has the opportunity to join us for one or both weeks this summer!

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Dear students and families,

We are THRILLED to announce a special guest that will be joining us at Summer Club this year!

Miho Takahashi was born in Japan, where she studied Japanese language education from one of the most prominent Japanese language scholars, Dr. Miyaji. She’s taught Japanese at the University of Oklahoma as well as taught business professionals as well as lawyers and university professors privately for over 15 years. She now owns North Shore Japanese Language Education and Services in Beverly and offers her language and cultural education services to students.

We’re so excited to have her as our special guest this year at Summer Club! She will be teaching the kids a wide variety of Japanese topics including:
Japanese Kanji (including your child’s name)

  • Language (greetings, numbers, colors and self-introductions)
  • Geography
  • Food & Chopsticks
  • Games (Sumo, Jan Ken Pon (Rock Paper Scissor) and origami)
  • Body & Face

We can’t wait for our July and August session of Summer Club this year and certainly hope you can join us for these very special events. We still have a handful of openings in both sessions, so if you’re interested and not yet registered, please email us or let us know next time you’re in the dojo. Space is limited, and we expect the camp to fill up, so please don’t wait if you’d like to reserve a spot for your child. Have a wonderful day and we will see you soon!


The Authentic Karate Training Center Staff

Summer Club – Update

Summer Club is only 6 weeks away!


Good afternoon Families,

We are finalizing our registration for the July session of Summer Club and we have a couple spots left. We wanted to be sure everyone had a chance to register before school is out and summer is in full swing.

The first session of our week long Summer Club is July 18-22 and the second session is August 15-19. Each session runs from 9am – 1pm with extended care until 2pm.

If you would like to register please let us know as soon as possible as we are nailing down some final details. We can’t wait for this summer; it’s going to be a great one here at the dojo!


The Authentic Karate Training Center Staff

5/21 8a-noon Open House Tent Event

Looking to learn about the amazing benefits of martial arts training for you or your child?
Visit our OPEN HOUSE Tent Event on 5/21 from 8 am – noon at the Kennedy Fields at 83 Pine Street, West Peabody. We will be teaching the kids karate basics- kicks and blocks, as well as using the agility ladder and obstacle course for speed and balance practice. Watch your loved ones have fun while learning control, self-discipline and respect. Plus… we’re giving away tons of cool prizes that kids just love. We hope to see you there!


May 2016 Belt Test

Two belt exams in two days and 14 new belt recipients! Congratulations everyone, you certainly all worked hard and earned your new ranks. Enjoy the weekend, and we will get back to training on Monday! OSU!!!

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