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Authentic Karate Training Center is conveniently located in the West Peabody Educational and Business Center, the former location of the JFK Peabody Middle School. Our newly constructed facility was customer designed to provide students with the most authentic training environment possible.  Read more about some of the unique characteristics that help make our facility truly one of a kind.

Authentic Karate Training Center Peabody MA

WORLD CLASS FLOORING: The flooring system used at Authentic Karate Training Center was manufactured by Zebra Mats – the world’s premier provider of authentic, tatami style martial arts flooring. Their tatami style mats feature an extremely durable tatami textured vinyl surface that is resistant to tears along with a unique rebounded multiple foam density core. The specially designed anti-slip bottom is superb for helping students maintain stability and balance while also offering the highest level of safety. Zebra mats meet all major international competition standards and are simply the safest and highest performing mat in the martial arts world.


 TRADITIONAL TRAINING ENVIRONMENT: The design and aesthetic of Authentic Karate Training Center was inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and a desire to recreate a training environment that has long since passed. Our goal was to create a place that reflected both the historic roots of eastern martial arts as well as the school’s commitment to the community to provide its students with the most inspiring and unique training environment possible. From its custom-laid stonework and hand textured walls, to its natural wood finishes and straight architectural lines – the dojo provides students with an environment that celebrates and honors the culture that created the famous art that is so diligently practiced within its walls.

TRAINING EQUIPMENT: Our School  utilizes the industries top training  equipment manufactured by RevGear™.  Everything necessary to develop as a  martial artist, from kicking shields and  striking pads, to focus mitts and resistance  bands –Authentic Karate Training Center  uses the best in professional grade training  equipment.

Authentic Karate Training Center Viewing Area

VIEWING AREA: Visitors and guests of the dojo are encouraged to stay and view class to experience firsthand the progress being made by their family or friends. The dojo’s viewing area runs adjacent to the training floor, allowing visitors to feel like they are almost part of the class.


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Authentic Karate Training Center


Authentic Karate Training Center

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