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– Pamela Hoeman

As a 2nd degree Black Belt in Karate myself, I had pretty high standards as to where our son was going to train for karate. For over a year we have been very impressed with the atmosphere at Authentic Karate. At their core, the instructors demand respect, focus and discipline, but they also allow a bit of “controlled fun” to keep the kids’ interests piqued and THIS balance is what matters to me, my husband and my son. We visited other dojos and even my son said that he was not impressed with the instructors’ abilities to manage students’ behaviors and focus. Many of the dojos didn’t rein the kids in, but instead, allowed disruptive students to set the tone of the classes. Authentic is a healthy balance of fun, focus and discipline. As my son has risen in “the ranks”, his confidence has been consistently bolstered by instructors who REALLY care about him personally and about his karate knowledge and progress. Authentic Karate is THE REAL DEAL and both my husband and I agree, it’s worth EVERY PENNY.

– Greg Rogers

Both of my children currently attend the Authentic Karate Training Center. They are both really enjoying their experience at the dojo. In my view, this is because of the commitment by the entire staff at the Authentic Karate Training Center to exceptional instruction, support, and encouragement that they provide to the young students each and every day. They truly care about the kids they teach and want to see them grow and develop into not only disciplined karate students but also into confident young men and women. I am so happy to send my kids to the dojo and would recommend any parent considering karate for their kids to give the Authentic Karate Training Center a shot. I can guarantee you won’t be let down.

– Ofelia Paco

My kids have tried soccer, dance, and swimming for after school activities. They enjoyed all of them but were not passionate about it. Finally, I searched for a martial art school around the area and went to 3 different places. “We”, yes I must say that my kids and I, agreed that Authentic Karate Training Center was the right place to go; which was a surprise for me because my son wanted to go to an academy where he had some friends from school. It’s been only a couple of months and I am very happy with our decision. My daughter (9-year-old) and my son (8year old) enjoy every class, they are enthusiastic every week to earn their stripes. Sensei Quimby is very good at keeping the attention of the kids, encouraging them to do their best and teaching them how the discipline taught in martial art can help you in your life. I fully recommend the center and you will notice the difference as soon as you enter to the dojo and meet the sensei and the staff.

– Lauren Reppucci Fitzgerald

My son loves attending Authentic Karate Training Studio! He looks forward to his class each week….he can’t wait to get there! My son learns something new each week, and has FUN doing so! Mr. Quimby is amazing with the little ones (my son is in the 5 year old age group)….he is kind to them, has a gentle voice with them, and he respects them. He acknowledges their effort and their success. Mr. Quimby’s students feel very proud of themselves when the class comes to an end. Anyone looking for a family oriented, clean, amazing learning environment….Authentic Karate Training Studio is it!!! I would highly recommend this studio and Mr. Quimby to anyone!!!

– Jennifer Joray

Both my daughters are enrolled in this dojo. My 8-yr-old has recently been invited to earn her yellow belt through the Karate Kids program and my 5-yr-old has recently earned her yellow belt through the Juniors program. Both girls just LOVE going to karate!!! We began at this dojo in the spring of 2017, because we wanted our daughters to build self-confidence and strategies to cope with the stresses of life. In a short two months at the dojo, they had already picked up several strategies in a positive and supportive environment. Since then, they continue to thrive and grow at Karate and at school. The teachers at this dojo are several cuts above the average. In fact, I’ve never worked with better teachers, and I am in my fourteenth year teaching full time in a public school. Miss Kimberlie has a gentle yet firm way with even the three year olds, and is full of funny surprises to keep it light and to keep the kids eager for more. Sensei is kind, funny and intense in such a way that the kids look forward to working hard for him, and stand up a little taller when he enters the room. Both teachers work hard every class to earn the respect each student gives them.

The dojo teaches necessary skills through games, so the students eat it up and think it’s super fun, yet each lesson is packed with two or three important things which are the focus. Their curriculum is up on the wall for all to read, as well as the belts, which help to inspire the students. Their focus is to improve who each student is at his/her core, and each week there are challenges to remind the students that whether they win or lose at a game, the goal is to do their BEST and use STRONG THOUGHTS to guide them. Thank you, AKTC, for all the positive growth my girls have seen in our 6 months at the dojo!!! We look forward to continuing!
Jennifer Joray

– Malorie Adair Parent

This is an awesome place to bring your kids! It’s a supportive environment that promotes and expects respectful behavior both at home and at the dojo. Miss Kimberly is amazing. Her work with both my kids has been exemplary. Sensi and Miss Kimberly genuinely care about each and every one of their students, and it shows in the way they run their classes. They truely make it a karate community, and not just a class. We HIGHLY recommend Authentic Karate Training Center, you will not be disappointed!

– Mark Backstrom Parent

Authentic Karate Training Center has it all! Substance, quality, and value. Do your own research before deciding what’s best for your child and this fine establishment will stand out above the rest. At its core the instruction provided by Ms. Kimberly and Sensei Quimby are better than top notch and it shows. The values instilled from these lessons are evident from the first session your child attends. Self esteem, focus, and self control are just a few of the many great attributes being taught in this very well maintained, clean, state of the art facility. The passion of sharing and teaching this philosophy and skill shines through with each class.

I love this place and you will to! Check them out today!

Carmel Grillo Parent

“I wish that everyone could see these kids during class, after class, and on Belt Test days. They have something which is becoming more and more rare: When they receive praise and accolades, they are not just empty words- it’s because they worked hard and earned it. This means so much more to them, and is one of the most valuable lessons learnt at the Dojo.  Our family, especially our young karateka, loves Sensei. He truly cares about each of his students, and inspires and encourages them to be their best. This is more than we could have asked for for our daughter. She has become stronger and more confident in the past few years, and we credit Authentic Karate Training Center and Sensei Quimby for being a part of that.”

– Rick Malley, MD Childrens Hospital

“When our eldest son joined Sensei Quimby’s Karate dojo at age 7, we immediately knew it was the right decision. Sensei Quimby’s classes were the perfect combination of fun and exercise, yet with an underlying theme of self-achievement, focus and confidence. He not only teaches children how to love authentic Karate, but through his passion and mentorship, also helps them discover their own strengths and apply what they learn in Karate to their lives. He has an uncanny ability to connect with his students and provide the training that they need. Our son’s experience quickly led our entire family to become students of Sensei Quimby and train together several times a week. This has been one of the most surprising developments in our lives, as our family has discovered a new passion that binds us together.”

– Andre Tippett Godan (Master Instructor) #56 Pro Football HOF 2008

“To the students and parents of Authentic Karate Training Center. My success in 29 years of football and 30 plus years of continuing karate training are based on two thoughts, one is Shisei, means shape/forces, or our attitude that shapes the forces in our lives. The second is the foundation and belief that you are guaranteed victory as long as you do not quit. Nana Korobi Ya Oki or fall seven times, get up eight, represents this indomitable spirit or winning attitude. Sensei Quimby clearly embodies these same qualities and principles that he has earned through hard work and discipline. Gambatte Kudasai!”

– Craig Tattan  Parent and former martial artist

“Mr. Quimby has played an integral role in the development of my son’s progression in the martial arts. His dynamic spirit and passion for karate is palpable each and every time he runs a class. As a former martial arts student myself, I have witnessed many instructors who simply go through the motions and watch the clock more than they watch the students. Chip’s extraordinary skills as a martial artist are only eclipsed by his ability to share those gifts with those who are fortunate enough to be trained by him. My son has thrived under his tutelage and it is evidenced in all aspects of his life. Not all martial arts practitioners are the same. Sensei Quimby is certainly among the very best.”

– Michael DeGiso Renshi – 6th Degree Black Belt

“For most of my life, I have been very lucky and able to train at martial arts, in a variety of disciplines, but specifically have enjoyed my lifelong journey with Uechi-Ryu Karate. I have seen a lot of martial artists over the years, but very few possess sensei Quimby’s in-depth knowledge – his enthusiasm for training affects everyone around him. He is a great ambassador for martial arts and specifically for Uechi-Ryu Karate.”

– Mindy Wogan Parent

“Our family has so many fantastic things to say about Sensei Quimby that I am sure this reference will sound made up. We feel so lucky to have found Authentic Karate Training Center after a not so good experience at another dojo. Sensei Quimby has helped our son develop confidence, focus, physical and mental strength and an overall positive attitude. The lessons he learns at the dojo have carried over to other sports he is involved with, and other general life tasks. And to be honest…I think of his positive messages and inspiration in my own life as a parent quite often. Thank you Sensei!”

– Jay Lewis Parent

“I think it is a rare gift to have someone who is technically proficient and able to teach his art to children in both a clear and engaging manner, but we have both with Sensei Quimby. My 7 year old has been part of the dojo for the last 18 months and has grown in many ways, including physically, mentally and emotionally. With Sensei’s positive attitude and upbeat approach, my son’s self-esteem has grown exponentially. As his karate accomplishments grow, so does his interpersonal skills, school work and self-discipline. We look forward to continuing our work in the dojo with Sensei Quimby.”

– Shari B. Robbins Parent

“Since my six year old daughter has started at the Dojo/Authentic Karate Training Center, I have noticed an increase in her confidence as well as her overall attention span. She enjoys each facet of the training from warming up to learning proper stances and techniques. Sensei makes learning fun and connects with each child individually. My daughter wishes she could go to karate everyday!”


– David Joseph Elementary School Teacher

“After years of martial arts classes and attaining the rank of third degree black belt, Master Teacher Charles Quimby entered my life at exactly the right time and brought my skills to the next level. He recommended small steps that were just right for me and while he never said he would, he completely transformed my martial arts skills and abilities. If you come expect to sweat (a lot), expect to enjoy what the sweat brings, and expect to enjoy the personal guidance of not only a “world class ” practitioner, but a “world class” person as well.”


– Rosa Bazarian Parent and Student

“My whole family has been going Authentic Karate for almost two years and we just love it. Sensei Quimby is a great teacher and great with the kids. He is enthusiastic and patient and his positive attitude makes the kids very comfortable and open to learning. My husband and I have made lots of friends in the adult class and appreciate the encouragement we get from Sensei Quimby and the black belts. The dojo is beautiful and is kept impeccably clean. We are very glad we chose Authentic Karate!”

– David S. Lee, PhD Gordon College Physics

As parents we are deeply appreciative of the way Chip takes the time to learn the personalities and tendencies (good and bad) of each of his students. The expectation of 100% effort and focus that he maintains at all times during class is wonderful and something we have not found in any other dojo (or even in any other extracurricular activity); but it is his dedication to his students that really stands out. Chip not only makes sure each student is engaged fully during class, he knows for each individual in the class what specific methods of instruction and encouragement and correction work best. He is a master, not only of karate, but of instruction.

– Keri Sousa Parent

I can’t say enough about authentic karate. My daughter has been going here for almost a year and at first was very shy and cried during her one on one lessons with sensi Quimby but he made her feel safe and comfortable and she is now working towards her orange belt. I can’t say enough about this dojo and would recommend it to anyone sensi Chip and miss Kimberly are the best and so supportive and personable with all their students.